What to know About Playing Online Casino Games

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Over the last ten years, online casinos have become more and more popular, and more sophisticated offering great graphics, sound, special effects and more security. It is no wonder that people have resorted to online gambling versus land based casinos. It is very convenient, it´s safe and now with many online casinos rolling out casino games for mobile phones you can play from just about anywhere.

Before jumping on the casino bandwagon there are a few basic things you should know and understand about online casinos. How they operate, what a bonus option is , how soon you will be paid out when you win etc. If you have ever visited an online casino and have gone trough the terms and conditions it can be overwhelming.

Most online casinos have similarities, but before playing online you should check the reputation of your casino of choice, don’t be enticed by fancy graphics just yet, many sites or casino guides should have a seal of approval of some sort and will only host casinos they know are reputable and honest. Casinos that condone spam e-mail or pop up windows you should be suspicious of .

Most casinos should offer a link directly to their main page or a download button you can press to immediately download the software to your computer and play.

Bonus options

You have probably seen many casinos offering different bonus options, anywhere from 100.00 to 7000.00 free play bonus options or match bonus options, that’s fine and dandy but what does all this mean, in a land based casino you are offered drinks, prizes and other types of compensation, in an online casino the bonus option is what tries to lure the player in.

A match bonus – A match bonus means the casino will match a determined amount, lets say the casino offers a match bonus of up to 200.00 then anything you wager up to 200 will be matched by the casino.

There is however a catch with online bonuses, you usually have to play trough 20 or 30 times, until you are able to withdraw your funds, but then again this varies from casino to casino. For example Cherry Red casino offers a match bonus up to 777.00 on your first 10 deposits which have to be in minimum increments of 25.00 and you have to play trough 25 times.

Some casinos will offer a 500.00 bonus for an hour which means you can try to win as much as possible in that one hours time, but a minimum play-trough is also required before being able to withdraw your money.

Play-through requirement to withdraw your money

Play-through is a simple term that means the amount of times a game has to be played with real wagering before you can redeem your bonus. So in many cases the online casino will ask you to wager 10, 20 and sometimes 30 times before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings along with your free bonus, certain games are not included or do not apply using the free bonus option.This is why its always important to read the details of the casino.

Bonus options or coupons are not mandatory!

Many people when looking to play on line think that the bonus option or coupon has to be used, actually this is not the case, at most casinos you don’t have to accept any free offerings, you can simply deposit money and start playing, if this is done then there are no requirements for cash withdrawals. Which in many cases can be better.

Make sure you are allowed to gamble online from the country you reside in, once again certain countries prohibit online gambling,  if you reside in the U.S there are still many online casinos that accept players from the U.Shere is a list of friendly states that do allow commercial gambling  Utah and Hawaii do not allow any kind of gambling.

So highlighting what has been discussed above

  • Always check the reputation of the online casino
  • Understand the terms and conditions of the casino
  • Understand the bonus options and how they work
  • You do not have to use the free bonus options from the casino
  • Know from what countries you are allowed to gamble online.

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