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Me on my r1100gsHi and welcome to my casino directory playorgambleonline.com, casino websites are abundant, in fact it amazes me how many one page websites there are promoting online casinos. I started playorgambleonline because of my passion for gambling, plus I needed some extra money to get the kids through school. While money isn’t everything, it does  make the world go round, helps pay the bills, keeps the lights turned on and more importantly keeps cold beer in the fridge.

I have  owned a small  ISP business in Mexico for the last 17 years which has done well, but all of a sudden I realized that  my oldest son was getting close to going to college, life sure does creep up on us fast. I figured out that  the money I was making wasn’t enough.  I then figured an easy way to earn that extra $$ was to start a website, after all that should be easy enough, boy was that a rude awakening. I had been an avid gambler in the U.S for several years,  I spent every other weekend visiting Las Vegas  and when I did, luck always seemed to be on my side because I usually brought a little extra money home or if not I at least broke even.

What I know now

Making money online is not as easy as it seems, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication,  just like anything else in life, but even harder is staying the course and constantly paying attention to the changes in the online gambling industry.

The online gambling industry is crazy, starting this website I encountered many frustrations, and the main one was the casinos themselves,  after all,  if I am going to promote something I have to see that it works,  if it works for me I’m 99.9% sure it will work for others. I found out the hard way that the online casino industry in many ways was shadier than the land based casinos. Sometimes I would earn money and the casino would go belly up leaving me unpaid as well as the customers.

Years of experience and lots of trial and error have helped me really understand casinos, the software, the games, and  the rules. There is always a positive side to everything and one of the things I love about the business is all the great people I have met, both affiliates, casino owners and players.  I love technology and the gaming industry keeps on improving. Better graphics more games and good payouts, there are several new casinos starting out, in spite of the economic downturn I feel the gambling industry will continue to thrive,  especially if they stay true to their customers.

What makes my website different

I am constantly researching, playing and reviewing different online casinos, I  have built a good relationship with many affiliate managers and players, I listen to what people want and always welcome feedback, as well as their casino experience, good casinos are hard to find  but the bad ones are abundant. I have handpicked the ones that are good to its customers and that understand that at the end of the day the player is their lifeblood and are what keeps them in business.

My Backround

My parents moved to Mexico when I was seven, while renting for some time my father finally retired building a house in a small town next to Chapala Mexico.  I went to school and lived in Mexico until I turned 17, at that point in time my dad had enough of me, sending  me off to Live with  my older  brother in Los Angeles where I studied, worked and all those other things you do when you are young and dumb. I spent many wonderful weekends in Las Vegas and on occasion in Reno, the casinos always fascinated me,  lots of free comps, gorgeous croupiers, cheap buffets and the variety of games.

The one thing I did not like about living in the U.S is I felt a lack of freedom,  to many rules and regulations, which is why I moved back to Mexico where I spend my time keeping my small ISP business going as well as playing and  promoting online casinos. While I do market a few other sites,  casinos are my favorite.

Taco the bastardWhen I am not playing casinos, I am usually enjoying a road trip on some type of motorcycle,  the Red r1100 gs you see me on in the photo I sadly had to sell a few years back,  needed some extra cash, but I am now the proud owner of a newer model F650GS which does the trick, not to mention its a hell of a lot lighter.

What inspires me is my family and my chihuahua dog Taco,  which we also call the bastard, we picked him up in a flea market  in Guadalajara, the reason we call him the bastard is because we had asked to see his parents before purchasing him and our mistake was paying for him ahead of time,  the guy never came back with the parents thus his nickname bastard.

The bastard is usually laying on his pillow watching me write or play, I think he loves to watch me write more because I admit I am not the best writer,  especially since most of my schooling was done in the Spanish language my English grammar is not the best.

My Favorite Casinos

Offical Logo of Playorgambleonline.comEveryone always asks me that question and the logical answers are the ones I win at, but really that is one of the things about the industry is that there are so many choices, often to many, I love variety. I especially love the live casinos I believe they bring together a whole new way at looking at the online gambling industry. I have played about every kind of casino available. The ones on my website are casinos I have personally played and have had good luck with, not that I win all the time,  but then again I don’t spend money  like I used to and probably wont until I get my kids through college.

I welcome any comments, feedback or concerns you have with my website, you can contact me directly using the  contact form on my website I usually respond within two business days. I have a few good picks and pins on my Pinterest page here for those interested.

Remember gamble responsibly and good luck!


Rod Collins

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