Online Casino FAQ’s

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1). Are Online Casinos Safe

This is probably the number one question that is asked from new players all the time, are casinos safe. I personally believe they are, but not all casinos are created equal, which is one of the reasons we have created this casino guide, to help people stay informed and help them make the right choices, one of the biggest issues people have when playing online is either not providing the correct information, such as proof of address and other credentials to make sure the online casino knows who you are.

I would say 90% of the casinos out there are very safe, and very secure, but there is another 10% that are not, make sure before signing up that you read and understand the terms and conditions. Doing so will make the game fun and you will also gain a great and lasting long term relationship with the online casino.

2). Land based Casino Versus Online Casino

Land based casinos are all about splendor, glamour, and ostentatious. Online casinos are convenient, comfortable, and cozy because to get to play from the comfort of your computer, in your home, and at your time. Online casinos offer freebies when you register with them.

 3). What is a Casino Bonus

There are many different types of casino bonuses such as:

Sign-up Casino Bonus – that are paid when you open a new online account. It’s is a deposit of 20% to 100% of your initial deposit and be a maximum of around $100 to $500.

Re-load Casino Bonus – a way to reward loyal customers, you can get a re-load bonus every time you tank up. The bonus is usually around $10 or more.

Referral Casino Bonus – offered if you refer a friend to play and given as a fixed amount to you once your friend has registered and made their initial deposit.

4). Who plays at online casinos

Online casinos offer games to every type of player. Whatever your level, professional, medium or novice, there will be games for you.

5). Why play at online casinos

The main reason to play at online casinos is all the free cash! A great attraction for first time gamblers, you can explore and play games whenever you want. There is no pressure to play, and there is zero psychological effect.

6). What are slots online

Same as land casinos slots, you need to choose from any of the ones displayed. Clicking on the slot machine will load it on your computer screen. Use your mouse to pull the lever, just as you’d use your hand in real life.

7). What games are available at online casinos

There are several games available at online casinos. Some of these include poker, blackjack, back gammon, roulette, and slot machines. The online casino world is overflowing with games and specific versions of all your favorite games.

8). Is it legal to play at online casinos

On 30th of September 2024, the United States Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. According to this legislation, playing at online casinos in the US is not illegal. It’s only targets blocking all financial institutions from delivering funds to the US online casinos, but it does not prevent residents from the U.S from playing, here is a list of Casinos that still accept U.S Players.

9). What casino software is available

Most commonly used casino software are Java based and load directly in the browser. And there are casinos that require you to download software that run only on Windows based platforms.

10). How can I fund an online casino account

You can use any of the following ways to fund your online casino account:

Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Wire Transfer


Money Orders



Prepaid ATM


10). How much can I win at online casinos

It’s difficult to mention a specific amount, but you can be highly successful if you practice and upgrade your knowledge with tips and tricks.


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