Problems Wihtdrawing Your Money from an Online Casino

It can be downright frustrating signing up to an online casino, making a deposit and winning, only to not get paid. Nonpayment issues always seem to be a hot topic among casino aficionados. If you do a search on the internet you will find various forum posts on casinos not paying a customer, or giving that person the runaround, making them jump through hoops to claim their winnings.

If you really think about online gambling, it can be scary, after all,  it is just a simple Internet connection between you and the online casino server. An online casino can appear one day and disappear the next, which happens frequently, yes it is a bit unsettling. Now that we have scared the pants off of you, we will give you some basic tips to make sure your online casino experience is a good one. The vast majority of online casinos are owned by major companies which have been in business for many years.  Like any other business, online casinos want to maintain a good reputation and keep their customers happy, in the eyes of an online casino, a happy customer is a returning customer.

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind to make sure your online casino experience is always a good one.

Many players don’t pay much attention to the terms and conditions of an online casino, most will just choose a casino that looks good, download the software and play, this is all fine and dandy, but if your intentions are to deposit big and win big it’s always important to read the terms and conditions of the casino. Many casinos place limits on withdrawals which can be irritating if you do not understand them up front.

Some online casinos may limit withdrawals to $2000.00 and $3000.00 so if you do win a big jackpot of 10,000.00 or 20,000.00 you should know that the payments can only be withdrawn in weekly installments.

Reasons why a casino may stall or reject payments

Having more than one active account for a Casino

Many online casinos limit one account per player which makes perfect sense, in the past some players would try to abuse the casino by signing up multiple times to cash in on the free bonus options.

Making sure you have the proper identification

This is another no brainer, if you are going to sign up with a casino, make sure you have a valid I.D, along with a proof of address that matches your bank information or credit card. Many casinos will make it hard to redeem your earnings if there is a discrepancy or mismatch when trying to prove who you are.

Not fulfilling the casinos wagering requirements

Once again, read the casinos terms and conditions, The terms and conditions is where you will find the wagering requirements, most casinos offer a welcome bonus or match bonus to new customers, in most cases the casino requires a player to play through a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your money, most casinos require you to wager 30x or 40x before withdrawing your earnings.

Now the above are just a few basic reasons why a casino may refuse to pay you, one of the things we have noticed over the years is that many of the casinos that accept U.S players tend to be the slowest at paying,  this is usually do to issues regarding gambling laws in the U.S. Because of this the online casinos have to be creative when getting the money to U.S players which can sometimes be tricky and  cause delays.

Don’t get upset and always try to maintain communication with the casino

While most casinos say they offer 24/7 customer support and most of them do, they are only human, and most of the financial people do not work weekends or holidays,  if your issue falls on a weekend try to be patient and wait till a business day and your issue will be resolved. Many people get frustrated very easily, remember the idiom You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, this is very true for most thing in life,  being impatient is not going to make things move forward any faster.

Now in the case that you have complied with all the casinos requirements and responsiveness has gone on for days and you still do not have a resolution to the problem, you then you have several options.

Contact the affiliate website where you downloaded the software, in many cases they can help and contact their affiliate manager directly, if this does not work then the next step would be to post on several of the different online casino forums, this will rattle some cages and get you a response but this is a last resort measure.

To many good casinos

While there are many bad casinos that are looking to scam you, there are many great casinos that want your business and want to keep you as a long term customer.

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