Having a Bad Day? Internet and New Casino Reviews

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What do you do when your internet goes down? Personally I can find several things to do, and  depending on the time of day, I just as soon go grab a cold one and watch some TV, unless of course my TV depends on the Internet,  NOT!

I hate bagging on people,  but life is just to short, if you have read my profile you  know I am the sometimes proud, sometimes not so proud owner of a small ISP “Internet Service Provider” in Mexico,  and let me tell ya, sometimes its not fun at all. The other day we had some significant rain in my neck of the woods and of course rain and electronics don’t mix well. What I can tell you is that if people lose internet connectivity they will do just about anything in the world to let you know.  I don’t care if its been off for two minutes, two hours or two days, actually after two days they are usually starting to put togetther a lynch mob. Many of my clients will call me up to tell me how much money they lost because they could not get online to do their stock trades, or how it was their sons birthday and they could not wish him a happy birthday.

On Monday we had a minor outage, and since it was a national holiday, Mexico’s Independence day, no one could get a hold of me to let me know that they had no Internet. I guess if I was online 24/7 I would have noticed, but thanks to my kids who are glued to the computer all day, they kindly let me know, and as always, I had the equipment replaced in no time, and things are running smoothly.

So enough about the Internet,  lets get to the serious stuff.  I just did a couple of reviews on two new casinos that I feel have real potential, and may be a good option for those looking for something new.

The first casino on my list is Guts Casino, you gotta love the name! Guts.com began operations in May of this year and offers a wide selection of games that run on a variety of different gaming platforms, visit any popular forum and you will see that guts casino has so far been rated very high by its players,  we all know how hard it is to please players nowadays, Doing my review I played them and won a a little money, but currently I am in the red, if you are a player who gets bored with games quickly it will take you a while to run through all the games offered by Guts, the other thing people are bragging about is their fast payout times, in fact they say that winnings can be paid out in as little as two hours, that’s a milestone for a casino, considering many make you wait up to ten days.

MoneyGaming casino is another casino that is new to me as well,  it only offers instant games that can be played through your web browser as well as games that can be played on your mobile device or tablet, if you are a fan of  IGT and Aristocrat games which are some of my favorites, you will love MoneyGaming.

Both casinos seem to have a bright future, the only downside is that neither casino accepts U.S players.

Online Casino Fraud

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Some days you just wake up in the morning and want to go back to bed, today was one of those mornings for me. I woke up and began my daily work program which is usually playing and reviewing a few online casino  games.  And yes I play the games I promote because I want to know the actual experience for myself.

This morning I began looking at a few of the popular casino forums, while I have my own forum I guess people still are not confident enough to post on it. I have to wonder about the validity of some of the issues that players post on the forums, some people complain about  late payments, no payments, its all out there, so much so that it makes me wonder why the gambling industry still exists, or why I am still doing this after 6 years.

If given room to complain people will do it, its human nature, while some of us take life in stride and go with the flow, others don’t take things in life that lightly,  it seems in many cases those people will continue to have issues no matter what they do.

If I based my existence on what I read in the daily newspaper I would probably never leave my home, life is a gamble no matter how you slice it, we have to learn to take the good things in life with the bad. I am not saying there are not a lot of greedy people out there because there are.

We promote casinos we believe to be ethical in every way,  from the software they run to their tech support as well as making sure you get paid on time. If you find you have been badly treated by any of the casinos listed on our page  we would like to hear from you. You can register in our forum, it only takes a few minutes, or you can use our feedback form. We would love to hear from you.

March Madness Mobile Casinos

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Smartphone with thunderstruck casino gameThis month brightshare casinos is offering a new promotion with 5 credits to new players, if you have been away form the online casino industry the new and upcoming trend is playing mobile casinos on your smart phone and now there are new games for android 2.2 which is run on adobe air.

There are 22 new games and believe me the games have come along way, so if you have never played mobile games on your android tablet or smartphone this is a good time to join in on the phone fun!.

Some of the games offere include

Tomb raider


Spring Break

Cash crazy

Couch potato

aces and eights video poker

You can go directly to the mobile games by following this link.

Have fun and good luck!



New To Online Casinos? Read This First

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If you have ever played at a land based casino there are some differences between online casinos and land based casinos. Some of the differences can be confusing to new online players; we thought we would take some time to address what a newbie should know about the online casino world before playing.

Land based casinos are straight forward; you put your coins, tokens or electronic card in to the machine and pull the lever. Online casinos are similar but in the past the attractiveness of land based casinos was complimentary drinks etc while online casinos offer bonus options to entice new players. Read the rest of this entry »

Site upgrade

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For those visiting our website playorgambleonline.com it has been a hectic week , after building our casino site beginning in 2024 we would like to thank all the people supporting our efforts and reading our casino reviews.

This week we needed to upgrade our site and it has been a bit chaotic to say the least some of the pagesa re nor loading properly and many are giving error messages. We are working on it and should have it completely functional in the next few days.



C-planet Online Casinos

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Over the past few years we have been promoting C-planet casinos, c-planet casinos has been around for a long time, the casino brands under C-planet include rushmoreonline casino, cherry red casino, Slotsoasis, Slotsville and pure vegas casinos while it seems it is impossible in any industry when dealing with the public, there are always a few disgruntled clients no matter what.

Recently I had a comment on our site from a client who played at Rushmoreonline casino, which is a casino we promote on our list of casinos, although the client did not play Rushmore casino through us the comment was out of desperation after winning 700.00 or 800.00 dollars, she could not get paid.

I decided to contact the player and she did answer and said that ultimately she had been paid but it took over 7 weeks, not a good thing as far as Im concerned, there are several posts on other forums about late payment and some people have claimed that they have had to wait for months before receiving payment.

Here at playorgambleonline we have not had a huge amount of players with this casino group, we will continue to keep an eye on them and continue to watch and see how things go, anyone can go through rough times be it change of management etc so hopefully they can work things out. If you have had an issue with them please leave a comment on our forum, at this time we have not heard of anyone not being paid just people not being paid on a timely manner.

In the meantime we will continue to keep watch on these casinos from c-plane and if the negative news continues we will have to consider removing them from our list of promoted casinos.

Bet365 Mobile Casino Winner

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Last week bet365 online casino gave away a couple  of the new Apple Ipads, what a way to start a winning streak on their great casino, now this week they just had a winner at their gold rally casino game for the amount of £102,192.

I guess this is one of the reasons that bet354 has over five million casino players worldwide, making it one of the larger online casino companies. Are you ready to try your luck?

Casino coins not accepting new players

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Its another sad month for the casino industry, last month the DOJ shut down Ultimate Bet poker. Some say that they are working out a deal as we speak, then again I have my suspitions, I just found out that casino coins which owned silver dollar casino and English harbour to name a few are no longer accepting U.S players. My take on all this is that it is complete Bulshit.

You would think that the U.S with a continued dwindling economy they would reconsider online gambling, imagine the tax revenue! this is no different than taxing alcohol, in any case I guess we will just have to focus one European players for the time being I feel sorry that the U.S continues to hamper the freedom of the public and shutting down online casinos is just another way to do it.

New depositing ultimate bet players

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Depositing Ultimate Bet players can reload between February 7th and 12th and score a 100% Reload Bonus up to $100

Iphone and other mobile casinos

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After popular requests we have just added three new apps for the mobile casino player to playorgambleonline.com We added all slots for the iphone which is my favorite, all slots for other phone devices and Wildjack mobile casino as well . I cant speak yet for the other applications running on other phones, but the all slots casino rocks.

Razor sharp graphics and sound, I have been playing for a few days now and it kicks but, I guess when it comes to mobile gaming this has really brought online gambling to the top, Mainly because now I dont have any dead time, I can actually take the wife to a big mall and while she shops I can play my casino games, I really hate to shop, so if you have not had a chance to check out these games on your mobile phone you can try them here.

All slots iphone

All slots other phones

Wild Jack casinos mobile