What is a Casino Bonus?

Casino bonus options can be totally confusing to the newcomer, as well as the seasoned player, there are so many options out there, match bonuses, new sign up bonuses, fifty fifty bonus options, every casino is a little different in how they present their bonus offers,  so what is a casino bonus and how does it work.

For starters lets look at some of the different casinos, because all casinos are not the same, as well as their bonus structure.

Lets say the casino offers a $200.00 welcome bonus on your first deposit, what this means is that whatever you deposit up two 200.00 dollars, Euros, Pounds etc is matched by the casino, this does not mean you have to match the whole 200.00, but up to that amount, some casinos require at least a 25.00 minimum deposit and of course up to the 200.00 or whatever the amount of bonus that is offered.

All casinos are not equal and you should always read the terms and conditions, for example some casinos offer what is called the clear pay bonus system, which is very straightforward and simple to understand, the clear play bonus system works the following way.

Each player has a cash balance and bonus balance, the playable amount is the sum of both the bonus and the real cash balance together. So if the player has 60.00 in cash and 40.00 in bonus money you have a total of $100.00 in playing money that you can use to gamble, if the player makes a cash purchase/deposit this money is added to your cash balance.

By the same token any bonus points won at the casino are credited to your bonus account, but remember if you want to withdraw, you may only do so from the cash balance and not the bonus balance, you can continue to play with the bonus balance combined with the cash balance.This does not mean you can never withdraw your bonus balance.

Withdrawing a bonus balance

In order to cash out your bonus option you must play a certain amount of times or what is called playing through, so in order for this to happen a player must play through or wager  20 to 30  times before it is moved in to a cash account.

Example,  in some casinos for every 300.00 of real money that you play 10.00 of that would go from your bonus balance to your cash balance if its $600.00 then $20.00 of that would go in to your cash balance and so on.

If you have played through a certain amount of times, or whatever the casinos requirement are can mean wagering 25 or 30 or more  times, depending on the casino, after you have completed the wagering requirements the bonus money is now yours, along with your cash that you have won, which of course you can then continue to use to gamble or if you like cash out the whole pot.

Playing through is not all the same, some casinos give you options such as a 500.00 bonus to play in one hour, others have play through options or minimum wagers of 20, 25 or 30 wagers.

This is not the same for  all casino games, for example some games let you play through the whole amount, other games such as Roulette, will only offer half of the wager amount. Once again that is very important to make sure you understand the terms, not that the casino is going to cheat you  but just so you know what the options are.

Bigger bonus options sometimes are not that big, in many cases you may see huge bonus options but these options also require higher wagers.

All this info is not hard to find and should be the first thing you look for, once you are at the online casinos page, usually the bonus terms and conditions  are right above or below the big bonus offering logo.

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