Texas Hold Em Playing the River

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In continuation of the Texas Hold’em Poker articles that includes strategies to improve your game play in your favor, we are going to take a look at ways to play the river portion of a hand in Texas Hold’Em to increase your chances of the game coming out in your favor.  Once again, let us remind you however, this is just advice, and should never be construed as a method for a guaranteed win.

The river is the last card of the hand for the round before the winner takes the pot.  Because of this, there are not too many strategies that you can implement at this point to actually help you have an edge on winning the pot.  So, if you have taken the time to study the strategies to use during the other parts of game play and been able to appropriately execute any or all of the strategies up to this point, you can do a much better job.

However, just because it is the last play in the hand and the chances are slim that there is anything you can do by this point for sure; here are a few things to consider at this stage in the hand:

·         A common mistake is to fold or call with too many hands.

·         If you did not make your draw, it is appropriate to fold regardless of the pot size.

·         However, if you have a mediocre hand and the pot is substantial, you may be able to do something known as a “crying” call; but it still likely that you will lose the hand.

·         Use your best judgment when deciding on whether or not to use a bluff to win or lose.

·         Be prepared to fold a good hand if a flush and/or straight card hits and your opponents begin to raise.

We hope this advice is enough to improve your game, and something that you can remember and use frequently in your games!  Remember to check out the other articles on the different strategies you can use for various parts of the Texas Hold ‘Em hand.  These techniques can also be used in online casino play, too!

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