How to Avoid Frustration at an Online Casino

Playing at an online casino can be a real blast, and more than the money you can win with all the new games available,  it can be a lot of fun. In fact for me it’s a great way to kill stress on the weekend, I don’t play everyday, but usually Friday or Saturday evening is a time for me where I can crack open a beer and play my favorite game.

I already have my list of favorite casinos, but maybe you are new to the online casino scene and have decided to sign up to a new casino from en e-mail that you received that looked tempting, this is all fine and dandy,  but just because a certain casino sends you a free bonus option does not mean you are going to take it. I get bonus offers form different casinos all the time, but to me this is no better than going to a Black Friday sale and find the TV you thought would be cheaper was actually marked up and 30% then a 20% off  tag was slapped on it.

If you have lots of money to burn suit yourself, but before you play online there are several things you will want to consider before making that first deposit.

  • When was the casino established?
  • What methods of deposit and withdrawal are available?
  • Min and max withdrawal limits
  • Are they licensed and where
  • Bonus Play through requirements
  • What kind of support do they offer?

Above are just a few things I personally look for when playing online. Bonus options are something almost every casino offers its first time players to make it more enticing for you to sign up. Many first time players get frustrated because they did not understand what the play-through requirements where when they registered. Most new players end up saying what do you mean I have to play 50 times before I can withdraw my money, and yes that’s what a play-through requirement is.

A play-through requirement is the amount of times you have to play a game before you are allowed to withdraw your money,  these can range between 20 and 45 times,  some even more, so if you take advantage of the bonus offer make sure you understand the requirements.  The higher the playthrough, the harder it may be to walk away with some money in your  bank account.

Another thing that is often a deal breaker is when a new player never play again because they did not understand the withdrawal options. for those not wagering a lot of money this may be insignificant, but lets say you plop down a couple of thousand dollars on a game and win big, lets say 20,000.00 only to find out that you have a withdrawal limit of $2000.00 per week, this is enough to make anyone go nuts. Many casinos do this hoping you will play back the money. So it’s always important to know what the withdrawal limits are before you sign up.

Customer support is something that should also be taken in to consideration, there is nothing worse than having a game freeze on you, or you just need some basic information on a certain game you would like to try. When I look for an online casino I always make sure they have live chat available, as well as a phone number that they answer, while e-mail support can work for most things, it can be frustrating when you have an immediate issue and cant get a hold of someone.

Above are just some basics that I have found when looking to sign up for the first time with an online casino. Fortunately I have found a good list of my favorite online casinos that have treated me very well over the last several years.

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