Texas Hold’em Playing the Flop

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Texas Hold Em Poker has become quite the phenomenon in the casino world today.  Many people believe the poker is a game of luck, when strategy actually does play a key role in the game.  So, we are going to take a look at some strategies you can use when playing the flop round of a hand in Texas Hold Em that may give you an edge in the game.  Keep in mind, however, that since there is no clear cut way to play all the time, this is to be used as advice and translated to your experience and preference, and is in no means meant to guarantee a win or success in any manner.

Things to Consider Before Check, Bet, or Fold

·         Hand Strength

·         Number of Players

·         Did anyone raise before the flop?   Who was it, where is their playing positions,

·         What pot odds do you have (the size of the pot vs. how many outs you have)?

·         What kinds of draws (if any) are on the board?

·         What kind of hands are the other players likely to have?

·         What position do you have (the later the better)?

Hands to Watch For

  • Most of the time you should value bet on the flop (and continue on the turn), as you often have weaker players staying in with weaker kickers or worse hands.
  • Watch out for over pairs (especially when dealing with a raised pot)
  • Avoid a check-and-call strategy by betting out
  • In order to protect your hand against draws; be prepared to raise if someone bets.

There are more possibilities and things to do to play them in your favor than we can take time to list here, but you should have the general idea down pat at this point, and know that there are other strategies to approach.

Now, we hope these strategies will help you increase your odds, and maybe even the money in your pocket.  There will be other articles to read on strategies to play on all the parts of a Texas Hold Em game; so be sure to check them out, and maybe if you put them all together, you will become the King or Queen of the game with all of your friends.  Good Luck!

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