History of Casino Gambling

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Contrary to popular belief, the practice of gambling did not begin in the United States.  Gambling has existed in many forms for

A pile of gambling chips.

A pile of gambling chips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thousands of years all over the world.  The history of  gambling has roots in China and Europe.   Their traditional casino games with some variations to make them uniquely our own made way to America in traditional and online casinos for many people to enjoy today.

The Chinese gave us Keno, and Pai Kow, which has been transformed into an American Poker game (now played with cards instead of dominoes).  The Europeans graced us with games such as Black Jack, Craps, and Roulette, many of which can be played at online casinos too.

Throughout its history, gambling has seen various types of establishments, and has become the subject of many legislative acts.  Several forms of gambling took place in the early days before casinos started being established.  Citizens of the early colonies enjoyed playing the lottery, which became a civic duty as the colonies used the lotteries as a method to raise revenue for the government.  Soon though, some these lotteries were outlawed.  Besides the lottery, card, and dice games, gambling on horse races and cockfights began.

The first types of casinos seen on United States soil started appearing during the 1800’s.  These places were geared specifically toward gamblers, and allowed various types of game play and betting.  Soon though, as the attitude toward gambling began to change—many of these establishments saw an end when gambling became illegal, on the basis that it was religiously wrong.  It of course, also banned the state ran lotteries, and gave way to underground gambling operations.  Despite this, however, some states still operated their establishments, as only some forms of gambling were legalized.  The first slot machine was invented in California in 1895, and by 1911, gambling became illegal in that state as well.

The Great Depression brought the legalization of gambling back to the United States as the economy was suffering immensely during this time.  Nevada legalized most forms of gambling state-wide in 1931, because the illegal gambling was flourishing to the point where it had begun to corrupt law officials, and was becoming un-enforceable anyway.  It seems that Nevada is the top place for gambling in the country today, because of the empire it started building back then.

While some forms of gambling are still illegal today, such as any sort of animal fighting, gambling is legal, and certainly thriving.  Online  gambling is thriving so much even, that it has started stepping into the world of technology, and is now possible from the comfort of your own home, through online gambling at virtual casinos.  States regulate their own laws regarding gambling, and therefore legal practices vary in each locality, and online gambling is not available in every state.

The history of gambling is very interesting and full of crime and deceit.  It has definitely dealt with its fair share of controversy and legal issues.  Without our immigrants and ancestors though, perhaps American never would have seen such a pastime.

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