Different Types of Poker

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Picture of hole cards in a game of texas hold 'em

Picture of hole cards in a game of texas hold ‘em (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you want to learn about the different types of poker there are available to learn and play!  Great, you have most definitely come to the right place.  This article will discuss the different types of poker games you can play, and discuss the basics of each game type; so that you can choose the best one for you.  When you know your type of poker, you can use this to your advantage with your friends.

OmahaOmaha is much similar to the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game that we will talk about below.  The difference is four cards are dealt to each player in place of the two that each player gets in Texas Hold ‘em.  Players must use two cards from their hand no matter what.

Texas Hold ‘Em.  This is currently the most popular type of poker played today, and has taken the world by storm.  Players are dealt two cards, and five cards are dealt on the board as public cards.  The player has the option to use the seven total cards to make the best five card hand available; with or without the use of their hand.

Seven Card Stud. Each player posts an ante and is dealt 2 cards face down and one card face up. The lowest up card must open the hand with either a bet or a check. If a player bets then naturally the other players must either call, raise or fold. There is a maximum of 4 bets (1 bet and 3 raises) in each round.  You should study up on this one elsewhere, as it tends to get lengthy to explain!

Five Card Stud.  This game can be played the same way as seven card stud, (again, seek more information elsewhere) except with the use of five cards, and few minor changes in the manner which the cards are dealt.  This tends to simplify the game a bit for beginners.

Crazy Pineapple.  Think Texas Hold ‘Em with three cards in each players hand, in place of two.  Then you’ve got the basics down.

Draw.  This is the basic form of poker that most people are familiar with.  The game is played much like Texas Hold ‘Em.

Razz.  This poker variant is exactly like seven card stud, except you are seeking the lowest hand.

While I am sure there are more types of poker to talk about, you can rest easy knowing that you now know the main ones that are most commonly played.  Chances are you have heard of any number of these, and may have heard all of them.  But now, you can teach your friends new kinds of poker, and become an even better player at your poker nights!

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