777: What do those numbers mean?

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Any person who has ever gambled at a casino, be it one time, or all the time, has probably wondered at some point or another what the significance of the number 777 is.   So, if this describes you, then you need to read this article, because it will show you where the number falls into the gambling atmosphere, and what has made it so significant in that world.

Not much information is available on the number 777 and why it is so lucky in the American culture (it is not considered lucky in the Chinese culture, for instance) but what we do know shows that it has a Biblical reference.

When Joshua marched around the city walls for seven days and was joined by seven priests who were carrying seven trumpets, and on the seventh day the wall around the city came collapsing down after circling the city and shouting seven times; it is thought that is the main reason for the luck behind the number 777.

Of course the number 777 represents a large payout on Slot Machines in Casinos, and that is one of the major reasons why it is considered “lucky” when it comes to casinos and gambling.  Take for instance, the fact that the website 777.com is an online casino website.

777 is known to represent health, a solid connection between body and soul, a sense of clarity and good will.  We do not really know if the number 777 is any more or any less lucky than any other number that we see each day in our world, but for some reason the number 777 seems to hold more “power” in American culture than any other.  Think of it as the opposite of 666.

Whatever you choose to believe in regards to the number, more power to you.  If you have had luck in casinos with the number 777; great!  If you need something else to convince of the good will behind the number 777, then maybe this will do it for you.  The Boeing 777 aircraft, which did not do well in the Chinese market because of their hatred for the number, has a perfect record with the NTSB; believe it or not.

Crazy, is it not?  If it holds significance to you, you likely have a reason why, and if it does not, then it likely has no reason not to hold one at all… so to each his own in his beliefs!

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